Johannes Clauberg

John Clauberg (* February 24, 1622 in Solingen, † January 31, 1665 in Duisburg, Germany ) was a German theologian and philosopher.

Clauberg studied at the Bremen High School and then from April 1644 at the University of Groningen, philosophy, theology and oriental philology ( Hebrew) and graduated from there in 1646 with two disputations and published the following year Elementa Philosophiae sive Ontosophia. He was appointed to the High School Herborn, but went to stay in Paris and England first to Leiden to be heard on the recommendation in the physician Johann de Raey lectures on natural philosophy and Descartes to deepen his study of philosophy, which he first by Groninger his teacher and friend Tobias Andreae had been brought home. In 1649 he went as professor of theology and philosophy to Herborn. When he was there forbidden under threat of impeachment, to continue to be represented in his teaching Cartesianism, he went in 1651, followed by many of his students, a professor of philosophy to Duisburg and taught first at the local high school at the Castle Square, today Landfermann High School. As a professor of theology and his college friend Christoph Wittich was appointed by the Duisburg magistrate, with whom he already most stages of his academic career - had shared - in Bremen, Groningen, Leiden and Herborn.

Plans for the establishment of a university in Duisburg had existed since the mid 16th century when Duke Wilhelm V of Jülich- Kleve -Berg humanists Andreas Masius commissioned with an appropriate planning, 1564 and 1565 also confirmations of Pope Pius IV and Emperor Maximilian II was, then his plan but no longer pursued. After Duisburg had come in the wake of Jülich- Kleve Succession dispute to Brandenburg, directed the kleve - Brandenburg stands 1641 Please to Elector Friedrich Wilhelm, set up a university for the country's children. 1654 signed the elector the Memorandum for the first University of Duisburg, which was then officially opened on 14 October in 1655 and existed until 1818. Clauberg was one of the founding members, was the first and founding rector until his death held a professorship in theology, in addition he also held at the Faculty of lectures on ethics and politics.

Clauberg was buried in Duisburg Salvator church in which a plaque with an epitaph commemorates him.

After Clauberg the closed in 2010 Clauberg -Gymnasium Duisburg -Hamborn was named, which was founded in 1966 as the second Municipal High School for boys and run as a co-educational high school in 1971.


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