John B. Allen

John Beard Allen ( born May 18, 1845 in Crawfordsville, Indiana; † January 28, 1903 in Seattle, Washington ) was an American politician ( Republican), who represented the State of Washington in the U.S. Senate.

Early life

John Allen was born as the son of Joseph S. Allen, a well-known at that time in the U.S. physician, and his wife Hannah Allen, the daughter of a judge, in Crawfordsville. He graduated after attending the primary school, the Wabash College and showed early his love for politics and mathematics. Hardly of age, Allen was drafted as a soldier for service in the Civil War and served from 1863 until his honorable discharge in 1864, in the 135th Infantry of Indiana.

In 1865, the Allen family moved to Rochester, Minnesota. Here he began to study law in the office of Judge C. C. Wilson. Later he completed his education at the University of Michigan. Allen opened in 1868 with his fellow student JJ Brown in Goshen, Indiana his own law firm, until his mother's sudden death in December 1868 prompted him to close the office after a few months and move back to Rochester in the closeness of his family. Allen remained first in Rochester, where he was in 1869 appointed the young age of 24 years for a trial lawyer in the city.

In the spring of 1870 Allen moved to the Washington Territory, where he settled in the capital, Olympia. He practiced for nearly two years in a small law firm as a lawyer, before he moved into his office in a modern office building in the autumn of 1871. In Olympia Allen also met Cecelia M. Bateman, a woman from Lamont, Michigan, whom he married in September, 1871. For the next ten years Olympia should be the home of the Allen family until they moved to Walla Walla in 1881.

Political career

Already in 1875 Allen was appointed Attorney General of Washington Territory, a post he held until 1885. In parallel he practiced from 1878 to 1885 the function of the Press Secretary of the Supreme Court from Washington. In 1889, Allen was elected as a delegate of its territory in the House of Representatives of the United States and practiced his mandate of 4 March 1889 to 11 November in the same year.

In the autumn of 1889 Allen was elected one of the first two U.S. senators for the new Washington State and held office from 20 November 1889 to 3 March 1893.

Late life and death

1893 Allen settled in Seattle, where he opened a private law firm. He died in January 1903, of angina pectoris.