John Broughton

John Broughton ( born 1952 in Sydney) is an Australian amateur astronomer.

Broughton leads from his private observatory, the Reedy Creek Observatory in Queensland, Australia, automated surveys of the night sky using CCD cameras through.

He discovered between 1997 and 2008 more than 1000 asteroids and comets P/2005 T5 ( Broughton ) C/2006 OF2 and ( Broughton ).

2004 Broughton discovered the Near Earth Object ( NEO ) ( 186844 ) 2004 GA1. It was the first discovery of a massive, potentially dangerous for the Earth celestial body by an amateur astronomer. For this he was awarded the 2006 Edgar Wilson Award.

Broughton developed the computer programs scan tracker and Scanalyser for the calculation of stellar occultations by asteroids.

The asteroid ( 24105 ) Broughton was named on November 9, 1999 by amateur astronomers Charles W. Juels out to him.