John Bunyan

John Bunyan ( born November 28, 1628 in Elstow Bedford, † August 31 1688 in London) was a Baptist preacher and writer in England.


Bunyan was the son of Thomas Bunyan tinker and his wife Margaret, and had two younger siblings. He received a simple education and then learned his father's profession. In 1644 he became a soldier of the parliamentary army in the English Civil War and was stationed during the two and a half years of service especially in Newport Pagnell. At that time, he probably took on influences of radical Puritan preacher. After he returned in 1647 after Elstow, where he worked as a tinker, he experienced a profound spiritual crisis, which he would later describe in his book Grace Abounding. To 1653, he joined the believer's baptism in the River Ouse a Baptist church in Bedford and joined soon after himself as a preacher on.

In 1648 he had married and father of two daughters (Mary and Elizabeth ) and two sons ( John and Thomas ) had become. The name of his first wife is unknown; her first name was Mary and she probably lived about 1625 to 1656. Their piety has influenced her husband's religious development crucial. About three years after her death married his second wife Elizabeth Bunyan in 1659 (approx. 1630-1691 ), the two children Sarah and Joseph gave birth to him.

As Bunyan is not imputed to the Anglican Church, he was arrested in 1660 in Harlington during a church service and had to spend the next twelve years in prison. There, he wove for the maintenance of himself and his family hosiery and shoe laces and the author of several literary works.

Many years of his life was Bunyan discriminated against because of his attitude and tracked; the end of the persecutions came only in the last year before his death with the Indulgence Act of 1687th After his death, Bunyan was buried at the London Dissenters Cemetery Bunhill Fields, where today still remembers a memorial stone at him.

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