John Burroughs (governor)

John Burroughs ( born April 7, 1907 in Robert Lee, Coke County, Texas, † May 21, 1978 in Portales, New Mexico ) was an American politician and 1959-1961 Governor of the State of New Mexico.

Early years

John Burroughs studied until 1929 at the Texas Technological College. He attended Colorado State University. In the years after his training, he worked as a teacher before he became a successful businessman. He became the owner of a company that produced, among others, peanut butter and offices in San Antonio ( Texas) as well as entertained in Portales.

Political career

Burroughs was a member of the Democratic Party. In 1957 he became a deputy in the House of Representatives from New Mexico. On November 4, 1958, he was elected by a very slender margin against Republican incumbent Edwin L. Mechem as the new governor. In his two -year term, which began on 1 January 1959, he tried to collect the financial debts of the state and deliver the funds to the state budget. Burroughs also promoted the industrial development in New Mexico. Nevertheless, he has not been confirmed in 1960. Instead of him, his predecessor Mechem was re-elected governor.

Further CV

After the end of his term he applied twice unsuccessfully for his party's nomination for a return to office of the governor. After that, he was among the governors Bruce King and Jerry Apodaca member of the Finance Committee of New Mexico. John Burroughs died in May 1978. He was married to Jean Mitchell, with whom he had four children.