John Carroll University

The John Carroll University ( JCU ) ( John Carroll University) is a private university of the Jesuit Order in University Heights in Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America. It was first in 1886, founded as a university, with the name of Saint Ignatius and renamed in 1923 in John Carroll University. The University is a member of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities, since the mid-20th century, the university has developed into one of the well-known universities in the U.S., this also had the consequence that the infrastructure could be improved and expanded. The motto of the JCU is: "Ad Dei gloriam maiorum " (For the greater glory of God). It is also the motto of the Jesuits.

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Today's John Carroll University was initially founded in 1886 as St. Ignatius College for men. It is the 19th of 28 universities of the Jesuits in the United States and was 97 years after the Georgetown University, whose founder Bishop John Carroll, was built.

Objectives and methods

The originating from Germany Jesuits, who were forced to leave during the Kulturkampf in Germany, brought with them the traditional school structures. Their goals were aligned to the moral and intellectual education of young men who were living in a religious community. The training was applied to the classic seven-year school gear, with foreign languages ​​and basic knowledge taught during the first three years and the students were prepared for the University branch. The next three years were devoted to the classical literature, and the Latin and Greek language and poetry. Last year, the students were taught in research, history and geography and philosophy. After launch and completion of the sixth school year, the students received a certificate, only those who successfully completed the seventh year that could be graduated as a Bachelor.


1923 was the Jesuit high school its present name John Carroll University. John Carroll was the first Roman Catholic bishop in the United States. In September 1935, the University of the " University Heights " moved into the westernmost Cleveland / Ohio, this is about 20 kilometers east of Cleveland. In September 1968 was the first admission of students. In recent years, extensive extension work and creation of centers and institutes were held. Since October 2005, the 24th President of the University Robert Niehoff officiating.


The John Carroll University consists of three schools: the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Economics and an academic institution. In the School of Business Administration, both general and academic qualifications can be achieved.

The campus

The entire university system (Campus (University) ) extends to an area of 309 km ², more than twenty major buildings are built mainly in Gothic style. Outside the main site another part terrain of 170 km ² is on this leisure facilities and schools are built.

In the main building of the University are the following facilities:

  • Great Library,
  • Study Center,
  • Science Center
  • Centre for Languages ​​and Communication
  • Student center with theater, cafeteria, organization offices, leisure facilities, conference rooms, religious center, chapel

Other facilities include:

  • Shopping center,
  • Residential buildings
  • Office block
  • Technical facilities and technical centers
  • Fitness centers
  • Sports halls and sports fields and other sports facilities
  • Football Stadium and places for Athletics
  • As well as eight Halls of Residence

Study philosophy

In the College of Arts and Sciences, two semesters of Foreign Languages ​​, three philosophy courses and two courses in religion are offered in the first year. The curricula and study programs are based on the principles of a Catholic college of the Jesuits, in the liberal arts is taught and the development is focused on the holistic human being. In the study programs, the integration of faith and culture should be promoted, morality and spiritual principles should be raised to a responsible social action. This approach requires passing the exam, which entitles the pass to continue their studies in the various branches of the University. Every year one or two scholarships to students who demonstrate the classical Latin and Greek languages ​​as a major subject, awarded for four years.

International connections

All students can participate in international exchange programs, refer to the University designed its own program and works with other universities. There are exchange program with Kansai Gaidai University of, Nanzan University and Sophia University in Japan. European universities with which the JCU are cooperating TU Dortmund University and the British University of Hull. At the same time supports the JCU programs other universities and institutions of the Jesuits, this are, for example, the Institute for Peace Research and Conflict Resolution in Belfast, the Italian Seminar in Vatican City, a liberal arts - seminar in London, further the house of solidarity in El Salvador and the Jesuit Beijing Center.


The U.S. News & Word Report prepared annually a list of "America's Best Colleges ". In 2007, the JCU gained a place among the top ten universities in the Midwest of the States in the 18th consecutive year. With a rate of 75 percent, the JCU finished second in the evaluation of the certificates obtained also a front seat.

Sports clubs

The university has 21 different sports clubs, which are known as "Blue Streak " and play in various leagues. The football team plays at the famous " Don Shula Stadium ", which was opened in 2003.


Within the university campus about 60 percent of students living in eight residential buildings, the percentage is the Erstseminaristen at 90

  • The homes for students in the first year: Pacelli Hall with space for 216 male and female students
  • Sutowski Hall for 171 students
  • Murphy Hall for 408 Erstseminaristen
  • Apartment houses with single rooms for students majoring in: Campion Hall for 306 residents,
  • Dolan Hall with small apartments for 214 students,
  • Hamlin Hall with 294 single rooms
  • Millor Hall for 242 students and the
  • Residence for the students in the upper level: Bernet Hall an apartment house for 100 high school students, so-called "Senior Students", the apartment can accommodate 2, 4 or 6 students.

Student associations

All student organizations and students associations ( fraternities and sororities ) are under the observation of the school management and are represented by Council bodies. You are given rules of conduct which must be adhered to exactly.

  • Student organizations under the leadership of Interfraternity Council ( IFC) Thea Beta Pi ( ΒΘΠ ), since 1839
  • Delta Tau Delta ( ΔΤΔ ), since 1858
  • Kappa Sigma ( ΚΣ ), since 1869
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon ( ΣΦΕ ), since 1901
  • Students ' associations under the guidance of the Panhellenic Council Chi Omega ( ΧΩ ), since 1895
  • Gamma Phi Beta ( ΓΦΒ ), since 1874
  • Kappa Alpha Theta ( ΚΑΘ ), since 1870
  • Kappa Delta ( ΚΔ ), since 1897
  • Kappa Kappa Gamma ( ΚΚΓ ), since 1870