John Cleves Symmes

John Cleves Symmes ( born July 21, 1742 in Long Iceland, † February 26, 1814 in Cincinnati ) was an American lawyer and as a member of the State of New Jersey Member of the Continental Congress.

He was on July 21, 1742 in Riverhead, Suffolk County, New York, the son of Rev. Timothy Symmes ( 1715-1756 ) and his wife Mary Cleves (died 1746 ) was born. Symmes married after his training as a lawyer Anna Tuthill (1741-1776) with whom he had three daughters, Maria ( * April 23, 1765 ), Mary ( born August 30, 1767) and Anna ( 1775-1864 ), later the wife of the U.S. President William H. Harrison and grandmother of President Benjamin Harrison.

Symmes supported the American Revolution, and served during the American Revolutionary War from 1777 to 1780 as a colonel of the 3rd regiment of the militia of Sussex County, part of the American infantry. Symmes was appointed 1777-1778 Judge of the " New Jersey Supreme Court " of New Jersey, and then by his friend with him Governor William Livingston Counsel. Symmes married 1779, Susannah, daughter of Livingston, sister in law John Jays. Symmes was uncle of the same name him John Cleves Symmes, Jr.. (1780-1829), who became known as an advocate of the theory of the hollow earth, hollow world theory.

He belonged to the Congress as a delegate from New Jersey from 1785 to 1786.

1788 Symmes moved to the West and settled in what is now North Bend, Ohio. He served there as a judge and made ​​a career as a broker. He died on February 26, 1814 in Cincinnati, Ohio and was buried in North Bend

  • Member of the Continental Congress
  • Man
  • Born in 1742
  • Died in 1814