John Finch (martyr)

Blessed John Finch (* 1548 in Eccleston, Lancashire, † April 20, 1584 in Lancaster) was a Catholic martyr from England.

His Farming family was torn apart by the religious schism, and so the young Finch got the clashes with. According to a London trip him the difference between the Catholic and the Protestant faith was aware of right and he decided to lead a Catholic life. His house soon became a missionary center, a dangerous proposition in the England of Elizabeth I

Soon, the local authorities were suspicious. Christmas 1581 John Finch was arrested because he had given George Ostliffe recording. He was, 4th Earl of Derby brought to Henry Stanley, with the aim of supplying it to the Protestant faith. But he was superior to the carrot and stick tactics consisting of bribery and torture resistance. Over the next two and a half years, he was transferred to various prisons and tortured repeatedly. On April 20, 1584 he was hanged together with the priest James Bell.

In 1929 he was called by Pope Pius XI. beatified, his feast day is April 20.