John Frederick, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg

Johann Friedrich, Duke of Brunswick- Lüneburg ( born April 25, 1625 Castle Herzberg Herzberg am Harz, † December 28, 1679 in Augsburg) from the House of Guelph in 1665 was for a short time Prince of Lüneburg and 1665-1679 Prince of Calenberg with the residence in Hanover. He made Mr. Hausen his summer residence and took the philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and Niels Stensen to his court to Hanover.


As the third son of Duke George of Calenberg born Johann Friedrich undertook numerous educational tours through France and Italy, where he joined in Assisi last in 1651 to Catholicism.

When his brother Christian Ludwig died in 1665, he tried to get in a coup the regency of the Principality of Lüneburg, Celle, which is actually his older brother Georg Wilhelm condition. After negotiations that lasted half a year, John Frederick contented himself with the Principality of Calenberg, which was extended by Grubenhagen and Göttingen, and in 1665 joined his reign in Hanover.

He made 1666 the village Haringehusen under the name Mr. Hausen his summer residence, provided a first simple palace and began the installation of the Great Garden. The system of the zoo in Kirchrode goes back to his initiative. The Castle Church in linen castle he had a Catholic rite and consecrate brought for worship Capuchin monks to Hanover. 1674 he introduced an official order, which until 1808 was replaced by the administration of Westphalia outline. 1676 he summoned the then only 30 -year-old scholar and philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz as a court historian and librarian at his court. Just goes to him the foundation of the later Royal Library, now the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Library, back. His elaborate style of government funded by Johann Friedrich French support funds.

On the way to his fifth stay in Italy Johann Friedrich died in Augsburg in 1680 and was buried in Hanover with a pompous state funeral. Then his younger brother Ernst August became the rule in Hanover.

After the Second World War, the sarcophagus of Johann Friedrich of the line lock in the Welfenmausoleum in the mountain garden of Mr. Hausen was transferred.


His marriage with Benedicta Henrietta of the Palatinate, daughter of the Count Palatine Edward of the Palatinate came from four daughters: