John Friedmann

John Friedmann (* April 16, 1926 when Hans Friedmann in Vienna) is an American urban and regional planners Austrian origin. Because of the increasing persecution of Jews in the 1930s, he emigrated with his parents to the United States, where he in 1944, aged 18 years, received the citizenship.

In 1955 he received his doctorate from the University of Chicago in the subjects of spatial planning, economics and geography. Since 1952 he has taught at numerous universities around the world, including four years at MIT in Boston, as well as visiting professorships at Berkeley, Johannesburg, Taiwan, among others Lectures he gave in the German-speaking area at the Max Planck Institute in Starnberg, at the University of Dortmund and at the Vienna University of Economics. Since 2001 he has taught as an Honorary Professor ( honorary professor ) at the School of Community and Regional Planning, University of British Columbia. Previously, at the University of Melbourne (Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, 1999-2001) scientifically active. Until 1999 he was again working for many years at the University of California in Los Angeles at the Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning and the School of Public Policy and Social Research.

In 1986 he published together with Goetz Wolff, the seven theses comprehensive world city hypothesis. This work was a major contribution to the definition of modern world cities and also included a list of 30 contemporary world cities.



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