John Goldwyn

John Goldwyn ( born August 10, 1958 in Los Angeles, California) is an American film producer.

Life and career

John Goldwyn was born in August 1958 in Los Angeles in the U.S. state of California. He is the son of film producer Samuel Goldwyn Jr. and his wife, the film and stage actress, Jennifer Howard. He has two brothers, the director and actor Tony Goldwyn and Francis Goldwyn. His paternal grandparents were the Oscar-winner Samuel Goldwyn and actress Frances Howard. His maternal grandparents were Sidney Howard, among others, screenwriter of Gone with the Wind, and the actress Clare Eames.

In 1985 he was on the second part of the Police Academy film series, Police Academy - Dumber allowed when the police involved as an executive producer. It was not until 2007 he produced with I'm Not There, a film biography of Bob Dylan, his first feature film. In the same year he was with Lorne Michaels as producer on the comedy film Hot Rod - involved at full throttle through hell. It was followed by the comedy films Baby Mama (2008 ) MacGruber (2009) and the road with Mum (2012 ). From 2006 until the series end of 2013 he was involved as an executive producer on the television series Dexter. 2013 was the fantasy film The Amazing Life of Walter Mitty by and starring Ben Stiller in the movie theaters, produced the next Goldwyn Stiller as one of the four producers.

In December 1991, Goldwyn was appointed "president of production for Paramount Motion Picture Group ." 1997 target Goldwyn at the then new post of " President, Motion Pictures " and ultimately concluded a five- year contract. Goldwyn and his ex-wife Colleen Camp have one daughter. On April 30, 2011 celebrated Goldwyn and Jeffrey Michael Klein Hotelier their public partnership at a ceremony in Marshall, California. Goldwyn daughter was the maid of honor.


  • 2007: I'm Not There
  • 2007: Hot Rod - Full speed through hell ( Hot Rod )
  • 2008: Baby Mama
  • 2009: MacGruber
  • 2013: The Amazing Life of Walter Mitty ( The Secret Life of Walter Mitty )