John Handy

John Richard Handy III ( born February 3, 1933, Dallas, Texas) is an American jazz musician ( woodwinds, pianist, composer, jazz educator ).

Mobile began in 1949 on the alto saxophone and studied at the College music theory. He played among other things with Gerald Wilson, Teddy Edwards and Frank Morgan; he took his first record in 1953 with Lowell Pulson on. In 1958 he moved to New York City, where he worked with Charles Mingus 1958-1959. In 1959 he founded a first group with which he toured through Europe in 1961. He then worked in Sweden and Denmark as a soloist. In 1963 he worked on the west coast as a soloist in classical music (Santa Clara Symphony Orchestra and the San Francisco State College Band ). In 1964 he played with Mingus at the Monterey Jazz Festival, with his quintet on which he was able to celebrate a remarkable success in the next year. The recording of this concert ( with Michael White, Jerry Hahn, Don Thompson and Terry Clarke) led to Grammy nominations for both compositions ( Spanish Lady, If Only We Knew ). Between 1966 and 1967 he toured with the Monterey All Stars by the United States and played in Gunther Schuller's opera The Visitation. In 1968 he founded a new quartet with Mike Nock, White and Ron McClure.

After completing a music degree at the San Francisco State University phone has worked since 1968 as a music teacher and among other things, taught at Stanford University, the University of California, Berkeley and San Francisco State University. His Concerto For Jazz Soloist and Orchestra (1970 ) was performed with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. He then in 1976 landed with Hardwork a hit pop song, recorded with Lee Ritenour fusion music, and worked intensively with Indian music. He first appeared with the Sarod players Ali Akbar Khan in the group Rainbow on ( plates Karuna Supreme ( 1975), among others with Zakir Hussain and Rainbow ( 1980), with L. Subramaniam, among others ), since the mid- 1980s, then with the Music Ensemble of Benares.

He was also the mid-1980s with the Mingus Dynasty on tour. His son is the saxophonist Craig Handy.

On 28 August 1999, the City of Los Angeles celebrated its fellow citizens with a " John mobile phone tag ".


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