John Hickenlooper

John Wright Hickenlooper ( born February 7, 1952 in Narberth, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania) is an American politician (Democratic Party) and former mayor of Denver. Since 11 January 2011, he has served as Governor of the State of Colorado.


Hickenlooper attended Wesleyan University and earned a BA in 1974 in English and in 1980 a master's in geology. He had in Denver in the late 1980s, several restaurants. With its initiative some rundown neighborhoods ( Wynkoop, Lower Downtown ) have been renewed and refurbished. Before he was elected in June 2003 to the mayor of the city, he worked as an entrepreneur, a geologically oriented company. In April 2005, Hickenlooper was named by Time Magazine as one of the top 5 big city mayor. He was a member of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition, an organization that was launched in 2006 during his tenure.

In the gubernatorial election of 2010, Hickenlooper ran for the successor of not more candidates Bill Ritter. He had to deal with two conservative rivals: the nominated by the Republican Party and the Tea Party movement attributed Dan Maes and former Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo. He had requested to be set up by his party because he had the much better poll numbers than Dan Maes and from there into the Primary just defeated Scott McInnis. As Maes not, as requested, renounced his candidacy, Tancredo went to party for the right-wing conservative Constitution.

Because of this split Hickenlooper would ultimately have even passed a simple majority victory; but he sat still apparent with 51 percent of votes in Tancredo ( 36.4 percent) and Maes ( 11.1 percent ) by. He was on 11 January 2011 together with his Lieutenant Governor Joseph A. Garcia, former president of Colorado State University, to take up office.

He is the cousin of the deceased in October 2010, screenplay writer and director George Hickenlooper.