John II, Count of Holstein-Kiel

John II the one-eyed man (* 1253, † 1321 ) was Count of Holstein Kiel.


He was one of the two sons of Count Johann I of the Kiel line of Schauenburger.

After division of the state with his uncle the Count Gerhard I of Itzehoe and his older brother the Count Adolf V of Segeberg John II received the reaching of the Kiel Fjord up to the sources of the Alster and Pinnau Kiel proportion of the county Holstein Kiel. John II took up his residence in the castle of Kiel. He was a hapless ruler.

After the unnatural death of his two sons Adolf and Christoph 1315, his great-nephew, the Count Johann III appropriated. of Plön and Gerhard III. of Rendsburg, to the areas of the Kiel line. John II lived until his death in 1321 of the income from the city of Kiel and its surroundings.

His nickname he owed an unfortunate chicken - bone - throw of his court jester, who moved the loss of sight in one eye unintentionally taken by itself.

Marriages and descendants

With Margarethe of Denmark, daughter of King Christopher I., he had two sons:

  • Christopher died in 1313 under unclear circumstances not in a fall from the window of one of the count's castles.
  • Adolf was killed by conspirators chivalrous 1315 Castle Segeberg in his bed.


( see fig. ) inscription S ( igillum ) * St. John * comitis * HOLTZATIE (Siegel John Graf von Holstein)

  • House Schauenburg
  • Graf ( Holstein)
  • Born in 1253
  • Died in 1321
  • Man