John K. Shields

John Knight Shields ( born August 15, 1858, Grainger County, Tennessee, † September 30, 1934 ibid ) was an American politician of the Democratic Party.

John Shields was on Clinchdale, the property of his family, was born, which was located near the early pioneer settlement Bean 's Station. There he was educated by private tutors, before he began to study law and in 1879 a member of the Bar Association of Tennessee was. He worked in the counties that were close to his birthplace until he was appointed in 1893 judge of the state Court of chancery. The following year he returned to his own practice in Hamblen County.

1902 Shields associate justice on the Tennessee Supreme Court, which he chairs took over in 1910. Three years later he resigned to engage in political activities. He was elected to the U.S. Senate - what did the last time the state Legislature of Tennessee. After the 17th Amendment, this passive suffrage was future to the people. In this way, Shields was then confirmed in 1918; 1924, however, he missed the nomination by his party, when he was defeated Lawrence Tyson. During his time in the Senate he was chairman of several committees, including two long sessions of the Committee for relations with Canada.

James Shields returned to Tennessee, where he practiced as a lawyer in Knoxville again. In 1934, he died on the property of his family.