John Lambert (politician)

John Lambert ( born February 24, 1746 Hunterdon County, New Jersey; † February 4, 1823 in Lambertville, NJ) was an American politician who represented the state of New Jersey in both chambers of Congress and briefly as the Acting Governor acted.



About the origin and career of John Lambert, little is known. After attending the compulsory school he had to work on the plantation of his parents and came to prominence as a farmer name.

Political career

The political career Lamberts began in 1780 when he was elected to the New Jersey General Assembly. He held his seat there until 1785. In 1790 he moved to the State Government of New Jersey, where he remained until 1804 when the State Council. In the years 1801-1804 he was also elected Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies.

Lambert, who was a member of the Democratic- Republican Party, was appointed in November 1802 surprisingly governor of New Jersey, after recently no clear result could be observed in the election of the governor. Lambert's tenure as Acting Governor began on 15 November 1802 and ended after about a year, on 29 October 1803.

1803 Lambert ran successfully for a seat in the House of Representatives of the United States, was re-elected once in a row and sat of March 4, 1805 to March 3, 1809 in Congress. Also crowned with success was Lambert 's election as U.S. Senator in spring 1809. Lambert officiated by March 4, 1809 to March 3, 1815.

Late life

After retiring from the Senate, Lambert moved from politics to his plantation. In his lifetime, in 1814, that church, which formed around his farm, was christened in his honor Lambertville. Today, it has about 3800 inhabitants and is located on the Delaware River.

John Lambert died in February 1823, shortly before his 77th birthday. He was married twice, and was the father of 13 children.