John Leland (antiquary)

John Leland (* September 13, 1506 in London, † April 18, 1552; Leyland also written; Latin Johannes Lelandus ) was a British clergyman and librarian of King Henry VIII


Leland was educated at St. Paul 's School and Christ's College, Cambridge. He then studied at All Souls College, Oxford and later in Paris. Around 1530 he became librarian of the King. 1533 he was appointed by King Henry VIII to the antiquarian. In this position, he traveled across England and gathered a large number of historical and geographical data for a book with the title "History and Antiquities ".

However, the work on this book, he could not finish because it was seized in 1550 by a mental illness, and two years later, in 1552, died.

  • Librarian
  • Briton
  • Person ( London)
  • Born in 1506
  • Died in 1552
  • Man