John Manley

John Paul Manley, PC, OC ( born January 5, 1950 in Ottawa ) is a Canadian lawyer and politician of the Liberal Party. From 1988 to 2004 he was a member of the House from 1993 to 2003 and had several ministerial posts.


Manley acquired in 1971 a Bachelor of Arts degree from Carleton University, attended the Ecole française modern to 1972 in Lausanne and then studied until 1976 Law at the University of Ottawa, where he earned a Bachelor of Laws.

After graduation, Manley worked until 1977 for the Chairman of the Supreme Court of Canada and then moved to a law firm. 1988 Manley was elected for the constituency of Ottawa South in the House of Commons. When the Liberal Party was able to unite the majority of the votes at the general election in 1993, Manley was Minister of Industry under Prime Minister Jean Chrétien. In the 1997 elections, he was appointed in this position. In October 2000, Manley took over as successor to the retiring at his own request Lloyd Axworthy Minister for Foreign Affairs. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, he was also appointed as Chairman of the Cabinet Committee on Public Security and Counter Terrorism. For his work in these roles made ​​him the Time magazine 2001 Canadian Newsmaker of the Year. In January 2002, Manley lost the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs to William Graham, but became Deputy Prime Minister and retained its responsibility for public safety and the fight against terrorism. In 2002, Manley Minister of Finance. Following the resignation of Jean Chrétien Manley was a candidate for the post of party chairman, but lost Paul Martin. In the newly formed government in December 2003, he had no more ministerial posts. He was offered the post of ambassador to the United States, but he declined.

2004 Manley withdrew also from the lower house and went back to his work as a lawyer. He sits on the Board of Directors of Nortel Networks, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and the Canadian Pacific Railway. For his services Manley was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Ottawa and Carleton University.

Manley is married and has 3 children. He is a cousin of Canadian figure skater Elizabeth Manley.