John Miller (Missouri politician)

John Miller ( * November 25, 1781 in Martinsburg, Virginia, † March 18, 1846 in Florissant, Missouri ) was an American politician and from 1826 to 1832, the fourth Governor of the State of Missouri.

Early years and political rise

John Miller, who was born in what is now West Virginia, attended the local schools of his home. In 1803 he moved to Steubenville, Ohio, where he edited and moved two newspapers. During the war of 1812 he served in the U.S. Army, first as a lieutenant colonel and later as colonel of infantry. Miller remained until 1818 in the army.

Since 1818 Miller was a resident of Franklin ( Missouri). Between 1818 and 1825 he was an official in the local land registry office. After the death of Governor Frederick Bates on August 4, 1825 Governor elections were advertised in Missouri, won the Miller with a vote share of 48.4 percent.

Governor and congressman

Miller took up his new post on January 20, 1826. He replaced Abraham J. Williams, who had held the office of governor as President of the Senate since the death of Governor Bates constitutional. The election of 1825 authorized Miller only the end of the term of office of Bates. In 1827, however, he managed to get elected in a regular four-year term, which he could remain in office for a total of almost six years until 19 November 1832. His tenure was marked by a thriving economy. In the budgetary policy of the governor was frugal by spending cuts.

Miller was a member of the Democratic Party of President Andrew Jackson. Between 1837 and 1843 he represented his state in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington. In 1842 he abandoned a bid again.