John Oxley

John Joseph William Molesworth Oxley ( born January 1, 1785 Kirkham Abbey, Yorkshire, † May 26, 1828 ) was a British officer and one of the first Australian explorers. His botanischers author abbreviation is J.Oxley.


Oxley joined the Navy and traveled with the ship Buffalo ( Buffalo engl. ) to Australia. For a short time he was ordered to Van Diemen's Land, which is known as Tasmania today. After fulfilling this mission, he returned to England until he was appointed in 1812 to the Surveyor General of New South Wales. Five years later began his career as an explorer.

He introduced in 1817 together with the botanist Allan Cunningham expeditions to the rivers Lachlan River and Macquarie River successfully. His discoveries were as Journals of Two Expeditions into the Interior of New South Wales, under taken by order of the British government in the years 1817-18 ( German: reports of two expeditions into the interior of New South Wales, undertaken by the British government in the years 1817-1818) published.

1818 Oxley discovered Dubbo. The diaries of his explorations report that he was in the region to Dubbo on 12 June 1818. He wrote that he " thinly wooded in a beautiful country and apparently safe from the highest tide spent ... " this day.

In 1819, Oxley sailed in the Jervis Bay and found that this place was unsuitable for settlement. In 1823 he went north along the coast in the cutter Mermaid on the way to Port Curtis and Moreton Bay to explore these regions. He continued his discoveries continued in this area, which is known as the South East Queensland today.

Oxley discovered in 1824, accompanied by Cunningham, the rivers Brisbane River and Bremer River. He then recommended to the Governor today's Brisbane as grounds for the prisoners settlement in Moreton Bay, which has since developed into the city of Brisbane.

Oxley was a Freemason and a member of Lodge No.. 227

The Oxley River and the Oxley Highway in New South Wales are named after John Oxley, as well as the Federal electorate of Oxley ( German: Federal electorate of Oxley ) and the municipalities Oxley in Brisbane and Canberra. Also the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park commemorates his voyages of discovery. The John Oxley Library ( German: John Oxley Library), part of the State Library of Queensland, was created to make Queensland's documented history and preserve it.