John Player & Sons

John Player (* 1839, † 1884) was a British entrepreneur., Which specialized in tobacco and cigarette production: in particular enable his company John Player & Sons ( John Player & Sons German ) became known. Today the company is part of the Imperial Tobacco Group.


The John Player Company was founded in Nottingham in 1877 by the purchase of the company William Wright's tobacco business with 150 employees. After a short time it grew to become a well economically thriving businesses. After 1893 took over John Player Sons John Dane Player and William Goodacre management of the company.

In 1901 merged player business with any other party such as WD & H.O. Wills for Imperial Tobacco Group to withstand the competitive pressure from the United States better. A new factory, the Horizon factory was opened in the late 1970s, partly because of better infrastructure. The old factories in Radford (especially the no. 1 Factory) was gradually closed and the demolition of the no. 3- factory, with its distinctive clock and rooftop bar John Player & Sons, took place in the late 1980s.

John Player sponsored the John Player Portrait Award of the National Portrait Gallery. In 1989, this BP. The price is now known as BP Portrait Prize.

The brand

John Players brands are known especially among motorsport fans due to its long support for the former Lotus Formula 1 team. Initially, the brand " Gold Leaf" advertised ( " Gold Leaf Lotus Cosworth "). Best known are the John Player Special products. The black paint was from 1972 to 1986 and from 1988 until 1991, the JPS Norton rotary engine.

With a greatly reduced workforce player is still in business, but not more than one of the " big three " Employers in Nottingham. Today, John Player Special and John Player King Size Imperial Tobacco ( Reemtsma ) are produced while John Player Gold Leaf by British American Tobacco is produced ( in some countries).


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