John R. McPherson

John Rhoderic McPherson ( born May 9, 1833, Livingston County, New York, † October 8, 1897 in Jersey City ) was an American politician (Democratic Party), who represented the State of New Jersey 1877-1895 in the U.S. Senate.

After the end of his academic training in New York State John McPherson moved in 1859 to Jersey City has to offer. He was active in the agricultural industry and in the cattle trade. From 1864 to 1870 he was a member of the city government ( Board of Aldermen ) of Jersey City, where he served for three years as its president. Between 1871 and 1973 he sat in the Senate of New Jersey; in the presidential election in 1876 he was in the Electoral College of democratic elector for Samuel J. Tilden; President was ultimately but the Republican Rutherford B. Hayes.

As of March 4, 1877 John McPherson took advantage of his position in the Senate of the United States, after he had the Republican incumbent Frederick T. Frelinghuysen, later U.S. Secretary of State defeated. After two elections in 1883 and 1889 he remained until March 3, 1895 in the Senate, where he chaired, among others, the Naval Committee ( Committee on Naval Affairs ).