John Rostill

John Henry Rostill ( born June 16, 1942 in Birmingham, United Kingdom, † November 26, 1973 in Radlett ) was a British musician.

Rostill left the group " The Interns ", circa 1963 to occupy the after Brian Locking vacancy arises as Shadows bassist. After the dissolution of Shadows 1969 John Rostill member was at the Tom Jones band and went with them to America. After his return from the USA he worked with again united Shadows and wrote songs together with Bruce Welch, among others Olivia Newton-John.

On November 26, 1973 Bruce Welch John Rostill found lifeless at his studio in Radlett on; John had his bass guitar clutching yet, he was killed by an electric shock.

  • Bass player
  • Briton
  • Born in 1942
  • Died in 1973
  • Man