John Sayles

John Sayles ( born September 28, 1950 in Schenectady, New York) is an American film director, screenwriter, producer and actor. He is regarded since the 1980s as one of the most prominent representatives of the Independent film. For his film projects he is usually responsible both as a director and as a screenwriter. In addition, he is often referred to as script doctor considered for improving the screenplays of other authors added. In this way he secures the financial independence in the implementation of its projects.


After a degree in psychology Sayles earned his living first as a casual laborer. At 25 years old he wrote his first novel, The Bride of the bimbos.

In Los Angeles, he then worked as a screenwriter for various films of Roger Corman ( Piranha, The Lady in Red, The Battle Beyond The Stars ). In 1980 he made ​​his first film as a director: The Return to Secaucus. After several films of different genres such as the Youth Film Baby It's You, the science fiction film The Brother from Another Star and the sports film Eight Men and a scandal in which he ran the respective clichés of the genre sent, he was above all as a director some of the most famous music videos known for Bruce Springsteen, namely "Born in the USA" and "I'm on Fire ".

After that, he was responsible for some of the most spectacular independent films of the 1990s, so City of Hope (1991 ), Passion Fish (1992) and Lone Star (1996). For the latter two he was in the "Best Original Screenplay " nominated for an Oscar in the category. Although he continued making films regularly thereafter, reached only when the smoke clears - Limbo 1999 and Casa de los babys 2003 in the German cinemas.

Sayles ' adult and complex stories for the cinema have become hard to find sales opportunities and make their way to an audience. James Monaco attested Sayles central works a " skilful and accurate design people " (p. 391 ). His debut The Return to Secaucus is registered as Registry received cultural asset in the National Film.

In such films as Something Wild, Malcolm X, matinee - The Horror Premiere, Gridlock'd and Girl Fight - On your own Sayles has appeared in supporting roles.

With the producer Maggie Renzi Sayles is privately connected.

In 1983 he was MacArthur Fellow.


  • 2000: Girl Fight - On your own