John Skylitzes

John Skylitzes (medium Ιωάννης Σκυλίτζης Greek ) was a Byzantine historian, derin the second half of the 11th century / early 12th century lived.

Life and work

About John himself little is known. However, it is proven that he was entitled drungarius tes biglas ( 1090/92 ) and thus held a high judicial office.

John wrote the late 11th century an imperial story titled Synopsis Historion (Greek Σύνοψις Ιστοριών ), which covers the period 811-1057 and connects to the chronicle of Theophanes, whom he admired. John practiced in the proem of his work, sharp criticism of contemporary historiography, for example, to Michael Psellos, as well as authors of several other works. Besides Genesios and Leon Diakonos also as a shadow only known author to be named, said Manuel of Byzantium, Nikephoros Diakonos, Theodoros Side, Theodoros Daphnopates and Theodoros of Sebaste ( who has written a biography of Basil II ). The historians according to Theophanes threw John in any case, among other inaccuracy. He himself was apparently committed to a clear and simple explanation. Stylistically, John oriented probably mostly his originals, but they are only partially known. So he probably used several works from him previously criticized the authors (about Genesios, Leon Diakonos and Theodoros of Sebaste ), although it partly his views corresponding "corrected " their appearance and about effusive praises considered critical.

The work of John Skylitzes represents an important source for the period in question, and was apparently often used by later historians, such as by Georgios Kedrenos ( practically only invited tenders for him ).

Maybe John is also the author of a work, which continued his history to 1079 and is referred to as Skylitzes Continuatus, but this is controversial.