John Stamos

John Phillip Stamos ( born August 19, 1963 in Cypress, California) is an American actor of Greek and Irish descent.


John Phillip Stamos - his real name - was born in 1963 in California, the eldest of three siblings. He has two younger sisters named Janeen and Alaina, who both work as teachers. The actual last name of the family was Stamotopoulos, but when his grandparents immigrated from Greece to America, they shortened their name to Stamos.

Stamos is best known for the U.S. TV series Full House, which ran from 1987 to 1995 on television. In this series he played the role of Jesse, who was also of Greek origin. In the first season of Full House Jesse had the last name Cochran, but the producers of the series were to Stamos ' request, the last name of Cochran change to Katsopolis in order to emphasize its Greek heritage. Private Stamos maintains a close relationship with Mary -Kate and Ashley Olsen, who alternately played his niece Michelle on the show Full House.

John Stamos had besides acting also ambitions than to create Musicians breakthrough. He plays several instruments, including guitar, piano and drums. In addition, Stamos sings passionately. Many songs from the series Full House, he wrote themselves Since 1985 he appears as a guest musician with The Beach Boys concerts, and the band was seen in Full House. They also adopted in 1992 the song Forever on the Stamos for the album Summer in Paradise produced the Beach Boys. Written and song by Dennis Wilson and appeared already in the 70s on the album Sunflower, which declared Stamos as his personal favorite album by the Beach Boys.

His recent projects as a producer were the comedy series Jake in Progress and the TV drama The Two Mr. Kissel. Jake in Progress had on March 13 on the American ABC network premiere. The first season ( on 13 March 2005 to 28 April 2005), consisted of 13 episodes, the second season was filmed in (fall 2005) in Los Angeles and New York and aired in the spring of 2006 in the U.S.. Meanwhile, the series was canceled by ABC.

After Emergency Room in November 2005, two episodes comprehensive guest role as a paramedic in the successful and long-lived U.S. hospital series - had played the emergency room, he was at the beginning of the 13th Season 2006-2009 as an assistant doctor Tony Gates for Stammbesesetzung.

In March 2006, he was one of the voice actors of the movie Farce of the Penguins, an animated parody of the successful documentary March of the Penguins ( 2005). In this film led Bob Saget, a fellow actor from Full House, directed. Originally, the film should start in theaters in 2006, but was then withdrawn and appeared in January 2007 in the U.S. on DVD.

In the summer of 2006, he turned in Canada the TV movie Wedding Wars, which aired in December 2006 in the U.S.. From December 2006 to January 2007, he was in Toronto with rapper P. Diddy for the TV drama A Raisin in the Sun in front of the camera, where it comes to an African- American family who has to fight against racism.

Stamos also worked as a presenter, so for example, Elvis: The Tribute (1994) and The List ( 1999-2001). In addition, he is involved in various charity organizations: he supports the Vanguard Cancer Foundation, which advocates for cancer patients, is a member of the Starlight Foundation, which allows sick children to meet "their" stars. On 25 September 2005 he was, together with the Beach Boys a benefit concert for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. In addition, he hosted on 8 October 2005, the Gala Blast from the Past the Vanguard Cancer Foundation.

On September 19, 1998 Stamos married actress Rebecca Romijn, who was then still active and known as a model. The marriage was divorced on March 1, 2005.

On 16 November 2009 he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


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