John Strugnell

John Strugnell ( born May 25, 1930 in Barnet, † November 30, 2007 in Cambridge ( Massachusetts)) was a British orientalist and 1984-1990 Editor of the Dead Sea Scrolls.


John Strugnell was born on 25 May 1930 in Barnet (England). He received his education at St Paul 's School, and then studied at Oxford Classical Philology, Ancient History and Oriental Languages ​​. Although he never completed his dissertation, he was accepted at the age of 23 years in the international team of editors of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Since the original financing of the edition ended soon and the editors were busy with other commitments, the edition of Discoveries in the Judaean Desert faltered soon. Strugnell was 1956/57, a position at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. There he met his wife Cecile Pierlot, daughter of former Belgian Prime Minister Hubert Pierlot, know. Until 1960, when Strugnell took a job at Duke University, both of whom lived in Jerusalem. From 1966 until his retirement in 1991 Strugnell finally was Professor of Christian Origins at Harvard Divinity School. 1984 Strugnell became the editor in chief of the Judaean Desert Discoveries in the appeal, despite his well-known at this time, depression and alcohol problems. He was the first, who missed work orders to other researchers, such as the publication of the Sabbath sacrifice songs to Carol Newsom, and Israeli and Jewish scholars einbezog. When he in 1990, apparently under the influence of alcohol, the Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz gave an interview in which he made ​​disparaging remarks about Judaism, this caused a stir far beyond the boundaries of the field of specialization. Strugnell was replaced as editor in chief by Emanuel Tov. Nevertheless, he continued to maintain friendly relations with colleagues and continued to be involved in the edition. Some of his Israeli and Jewish colleagues even published a letter in his support in the Chicago Tribune. Although the number of publications Strugnells is limited, but all the more important, inasmuch as it is on the publication of such important Qumran texts as 4QMMT ( Halakhic Letter) and 4QInstruction ( Musar leMevin ) is. Strugnell died on 30 November 2007 in Cambridge (Massachusetts ). He is survived by his former wife Cécile, two sons, David and Andrew and three daughters, Anne -Christine, Claire, and Monique, and five grandchildren.

Works (selection)

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