John Swartzwelder

John Swartzwelder ( born November 16, 1950) is an American comedy screenwriter.

He first worked for the advertising industry until he the author of Saturday Night Live was. There he met George Meyer know. With him he made the magazine Army Man. Sam Simon was reading this magazine and put Swartzwelder and a Meyer to write for The Simpsons. Swartwelder created 59 episodes of the animated series and thus has written most of the effects. After the end of the 15th season of The Simpsons, he began to write novels. He lives a very retired and wanted to date give no audio comments on the Simpsons. Some of his colleagues described him as a fan of Preston Sturges and other ancient films. His political views are to be libertarian. Among other things, he spoke out for the rights of gun owners, and he is supposed to be an anti- environmental activist.