John van der Wiel

John TH van der Wiel ( born August 9, 1959 in Leiden) is a Dutch chess Grandmaster.

The title of International Master in 1979 he was awarded the Grandmaster title in 1982.

He took 26 times in a row at the Dutch championship in part and is thus record holder.

In Germany, he played many years for the SG Porz and then on top board of the SF Überruhr food.


At the Chess Olympiad 1988, the Dutch team with him on top board (pictured right) won the bronze medal.

In the 1990s van was known for his good results against chess computer der Wiel. In 2001, he lost but one match against the Rebel program surprisingly with 2.5-3.5.

His current Elo rating is 2501 (as of October 2008).