John W. Rollins

John W. Rollins ( born August 24, 1916 in Keith, Georgia, † April 4, 2000 in Greenville, Delaware ) was an American politician and businessman.


Family and marriages

John W. Rollins was born in Keith. He attended a location away from his hometown school in Ringgold. After his father fell ill in John Rollins childhood, the son was forced to take over many of his duties on the family farm. John W. Rollins was married three times, from the marriage were born ten children, and he later had eleven grandchildren.

Business Opportunities

After the end of World War II Rollins moved with his first wife to Lewes and opened an auto shop there. He could expand his business later, he bought by other stores in Maryland and Virginia. Rollins began at this time with the rental of cars, a then new industry. 1947 Rollins followed older brother John Rollins and joined the shops. Both set up a radio station, Rollins Broadcasting and laid the center of a transmitter according to Radford, a rural town in Virginia. The brothers benefited the purchase of the station from the falling prices for radios, because at that time the television supplanted the monopoly of the radio. In 1956 followed the step into television.

In 1961 the brothers sold the shares of Rollins Broadcasting. Over the next three years they could rake in revenue of more than 9 million U.S. dollars. With this and the money from the partial sale of the brothers succeeded in 1964 Orkin Exterminating Company, buy a company for pest control. The year before, the two brothers were recognized for their success on a business level with the Horatio Alger Award. The interests of the company later grew so far apart that in 1984 two new companies founded.

Political career

Because of his business affairs to Rollins began for policies in Delaware to be interested and joined the Republican Party. In 1952 he was the candidate for the office of Lieutenant Governor in Delaware and could be 51% of the vote against Vernon B. Derrickson, the Democratic candidate, prevail. Rollins was sworn in on January 20, 1953, and retained this position until 15 January 1957. 1956 Rollins was a member of the Republican National Convention, which confirmed Dwight D. Eisenhower as presidential candidate of the Republicans. 1960 Rollins applied for the post of governor of Delaware, but could not prevail with 48 % of the vote to Democrat Elbert N. Carvel.


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  • Deputy Governor (Delaware)
  • Americans
  • Born 1916
  • Died in 2000
  • Man