John Walker (programmer)

John Walker ( born 1949 ) is an American programmer. He founded the CAD software company Autodesk and is co-author of AutoCAD.


Even before Walker founded Autodesk hardware integration company Marin chip on the Intel architecture made ​​, inter alia, with the porting of many compiler name.

In 1982 he founded with twelve Programming the company Autodesk, which he founded with a share package worth $ 45 million left again in 1994.

Since 1991, John Walker lives in Switzerland. He is involved in projects that are represented by the term Fourmilab on the Web, such as the hardware random number generator HotBits or astronomy programs Home Planet / Earth and Moon viewer. In his blog Fourmilog regularly featured book reviews, English literature and reports from his Swiss residence Lignières.

In addition to his work as a programmer published John Walker socially critical essays, of which The Digital Imprimatur is probably the most well-known on Internet censorship. Also very popular is his book The Hacker 's Diet, in which he describes obesity as a problem- engineering and shows systematic solutions to this problem.