Johnny Burnette

John Joseph "Johnny" Burnette ( born March 25, 1934 in Memphis, Tennessee; † August 14, 1964 in Clear Lake, California ) was an American rockabilly musician. Burnette is considered a pioneer of the genre. Well-known pieces by him include The Train Kept A- Rollin ', Honey Hush and the rock Billy Boogie.

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Childhood and youth

Johnny Burnette was born two years after his brother Dorsey in Memphis. Actually it was his surname Burnett; the extra "e " is appended to him by mistake by the record company. Burnette graduated from Catholic High School and showed great interest in the sport. Burnette worked a day job as an electrician. The same company also worked the young Elvis Presley, with the Burnette and his brother occasionally performed together. With his brother, he then worked on the barges on the Mississippi, by the way, the two brothers along with Paul Burlison (guitar ), Al Vescovo (fiddle ) and Tommy Seeley (fiddle ) had a band that Burnett Rhythm Rangers.


Sponsored by Eddie Bond's father, Bill Bond, the band in 1955, took up its first board at Von Records. Both songs You're Undecided and Go Mule Go in the studio of the radio station WBIP were taken in November 1955 in Corinth. Shortly after, Johnny and Dorsey Burnette played before at the Sun Records in Memphis, but Sam Phillips showed no interest in them. All tapes that were recorded here are missing today. Beginning of 1956, Dorsey Burnette with (bass) and Paul Burlison (guitar), the Rock'n'Roll Trio and traveled to New York City, hoping to be able to build a career. After the group had occurred in the Ted Mack Original Talent Hour, she won a recording contract with Coral Records. Their manager was Henry Jerome and its first session was held in May 1956 Eddie Gray as a drummer instead. Were recorded, among others, Tear It Up and Oh baby babe.

In these recordings, the group was still playing a different sound, in subsequent sessions, the band of Farris Coursey was supported on drums. Above all choppy Burnettes of singing and playing the guitar Burlisons came to light, which produced an aggressive sound. The best example is the well-known title The Train Kept A- Rollin ', in which Grady Martin was present as an additional guitarist. It came together so about 21 titles, most of which have been published, in part, but only later on LP, including the well-known All By Myself or never published, written by Wayne Walker Sweet Love on My Mind. The title was originally written for the duo Jimmy and Johnny, who took up the song in the same year again.

Since the plates but not sold well, the trio stepped on television, undertook a tour with Carl Perkins and Gene Vincent, but which did not help, because the plates remained only in the greater New York hits. In the fall of 1956, therefore, separated the rock'n'roll trio. Burnette moved in with his brother in California, Burlison remained in Memphis. As The Burnette Brothers, they released some instrumental pieces, Burnette then moved to Liberty Records. There he was with his third single Dreamin ' 1960 finally achieve a breakthrough and became an international pop star. It was followed by other hits like You're Sixteen or Little Boy Sad. With his titles he now had success not only in the U.S. but also in Europe.

However, Johnny Burnettes career came to an early end when he died in a boating accident at the age of 30 years on August 14, 1964 lost their lives. Burnette was posthumously added to the rockabilly music in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame in recognition of his achievements.



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