Johnny Marr

Johnny Marr ( born October 31, 1963 in Manchester, actually John Martin Maher ) is an English musician.

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  • 2.2 albums with bands with Johnny Marr as a regular member
  • 2.3 with The Smiths
  • 2.4 with The The
  • 2.5 with Electronic
  • 2.6 with Johnny Marr & the Healers
  • 2.7 with Modest Mouse
  • 2.8 with The Cribs
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The, also from Manchester Billy Duffy, later of The Cult, Johnny Maher taught to play the guitar. This changed the spelling of his surname to Marr, because Maher had repeatedly led to incorrect pronunciations. Also, was another musician from Manchester, the drummer of the Buzzcocks, also John Maher. His first bands were called Sister Ray and Freaky Party before 1982, the Smiths founded with singer Morrissey. After five years of very successful, he left the band unexpectedly, because his music had become retracted, which should ultimately also mean the end of the Smiths. Also the live performances took with him physically. So Marr lost a lot of weight and had to be temporarily transferred regularly from nervousness before live performances. Marr is also known to be a vegan since his time with The Smiths.

After that Marr was involved in various productions for example, the Talking Heads, the Pretenders or with Kirsty MacColl. In The The he was for a time a permanent member before he again started his own project under the name Electronic with Bernard Sumner. The project brought together at intervals out three albums. In between, he worked in 1998 with Neil Finn at the 7 Worlds Collide project.

After the last release of Electronic 1999 Marr put together your own backing band and was also the first time singer and songwriter of his own project. He went with Johnny Marr 's Healers on tour; Members were, among others, Alonza Bevan of Kula Shaker and Ringo Starr's son Zac Starkey. A 2000 finished album, originally titled Play Tumb, but only found a label for publication. 2003 appeared under the title Boomslang. During this time he was also active as a producer for the newcomer Haven, which had been pulled from Cornwall to Manchester and discovered by the Smiths manager Joe Moss. With his help, made ​​two albums of the band, who were successful in the charts.

After this phase, Johnny Marr joined in the second half of the 2000s, yet other groups and played from 2006 to 2008 with Modest Mouse and 2009-2011 with the Cribs. It also each created an album with his participation.

The tape time again followed the desire musically implement his own ideas. He retreated to his hometown of Manchester and began work on his first proper solo album. In part, it was recorded in Berlin, and in the London Abbey Road Studios, was mixed. The Messenger was completed in 2013 and reached 10th place after the publication in the UK album charts and is considered by critics to be sometimes successful return to his time with The Smiths.


In that time with the Smiths Johnny Marr was known to play guitars like Rickenbacker, the Stratocaster or a Gibson Les Paul. In particular, the Rickenbacker were often done falsely responsible for Marr's typical sound. In fact, it was in the studio, however, especially to Telecasters and SGs rare, where he also began these two models was increasingly live. He used a Fender Jaguar In his time with Modest Mouse. Modified according to his adjustments, a signature model was released in 2012 this guitar, enjoys great popularity due to its often deemed useful changes.


Solo albums

  • 2013: The Messenger

Albums with bands with Johnny Marr as a regular member

There are only mentioned those bands that Johnny Marr was a regular member. He looked beyond with many other productions.

With The Smiths

With The The

With Electronic

With Johnny Marr & the Healers

  • 2003: Boomslang

By Modest Mouse

  • 2007: We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank

With The Cribs

  • 2009: Ignore the Ignorant


  • 2010: guitar part for the film " INCEPTION " ( The soundtrack is by Hans Zimmer )