Joint Photographic Experts Group

The Joint Photographic Experts Group [ dʒɔɪnt ˌ fəʊtəgɹæfɪk ɛkspɜ ː ts gɹu ː p, dʒeɪpɛg ] ( engl. connection of photography experts) is a joint committee of ISO and ITU- T (formerly CCITT), which has developed the JPEG and JPEG 2000 standards. Its exact name is ISO / IEC Joint Technical Committee 1, Subcommittee 29, Working Group 1

The group was founded in 1982 and meets three times per year: once each in North America, Asia and Europe.

Joint Bi-level Image experts Group

The Joint Bi-level Image Experts Group ( JBIG ) is a subset of the same workgroup as the Joint Photographic Experts Group, which, however, deals specifically with monochrome images. She developed the JBIG standard.

Published standards (selection)