Jon Balke

Jon Balke ( born June 7, 1955 in Hamar ) is a Norwegian jazz pianist.


Balke played as a teenager in the rock group universities before 1973 his first jazz quartet founded. He also had a jazz orchestra with his brother Erik Christensen. He is best known emerged as a member of the founded in 1974, Arild Andersen Quartet, with the 1975 debut LP, Clouds in my Head. In addition, he also worked with the Radka Toneff Quintet and undertook a trip to India in 1978 with singer Karin Krog.

Since the late 1970s, he could also be heard with ethnic groups such as E'Olen and Surdu and entered 1982 with L. Subramaniam. With his brother ( Brødrene Balke Etno radio ), he produced in 1984 the show Palmevinsdrankeren ( The palm wine drinkers ). He also worked with many other groups such as the Lars Klevstrand / Guttorm Guttormsen Quartet, the quartet of Jon Eberson, the formation Oslo 13, jazz punk ensemble, the group Masqualero under Jon Christensen, the Sidsel Endresen Quartet and also with George Russell and Göran Kling Hagen.

Since 1990 he has worked in a trio with Per Jørgensen and Audun Kleive. 1993-1994 he undertook the work Magnetic North a tour of Japan and the United States. He also played a recording with Pierre Favre, Håvard Lund and Thorbjorn Sunde and in 1992 founded the Magnetic North Orchestra.

Balke also composed several theater music, the work Ø Øre for Åpent Festival in 1988 and Il cenone for Vossajazz Festival 1992. The group Oslo 13 received for the album off-balance, for which he had written the compositions, the 1988 Norwegian Grammy ( Spellemannprisen ).


  • Clouds in my Head, 1975
  • E'Olen, 1979
  • Nonsentration, 1990
  • On and On ( Odin, 1991)
  • Jøkleba! , 1992
  • Jøkleba Live, 1994
  • Letters, 1995
  • Rotor, 1997
  • Saturation, 1998
  • Kyanos, 2002
  • Diverted travels, 2004
  • Book of Veocities, 2007
  • Sivan, 2009