Jonathan Schaeffer

Jonathan Schaeffer ( born 1957 in Toronto, Ontario) is a professor of computer science at the University of Alberta in Canada. He is a globally recognized authority on artificial intelligence algorithms for chess, checkers, poker and other computer games.

Schaeffer is lead author of the computer program Chinook, which is the world's most powerful lady program since the 1990s. In April 2007, Schaeffer and his colleagues were able checkers game with computer help complete ( from start of the game, not any game stands out ) and remove prove that lady ends in a draw with error-free game by both players.

In addition to numerous scientific publications Schaeffer is the author of the book One Jump Ahead ( a leap ahead ), in which he describes his efforts in the 1990s to develop a computer program that would defeat Marion Tinsley. Tinsley was the world's strongest woman player and had the reputation of being invincible.