José Gonçalves

José Gonçalves in 2008

José Julio Gomes Gonçalves ( born September 17, 1985 in Lisbon ) is a Portuguese footballer who also has Swiss citizenship.


Born in Portugal Gonçalves grew up in Switzerland and studied at La Sallaz (Lausanne), Yverdon and FC Basel football games. From the youth of Basel in 2004 he joined the FC Winterthur, where he played half a year in the second division team and was then loaned to the second round of the Italian AC Venice in the B series. After decline and bankruptcy of the Venetians, he returned to Switzerland and joined the FC Thun.

FC Thun took a Swiss runner up in the 2005/06 season in the Champions League qualifier in part and reached the group stage. Gonçalves was at the club not only key players in the league, but also came ten times in international matches employed. Thus he took his leave with only 20 years abroad and he got an offer from Heart of Midlothian, and he left after only half a year Thun.

When the Scots the defender in the remaining games of the season and the playoffs came four more times to use and was able to celebrate at the end with the club the runner-up in the Scottish Premier League and won the National Cup. Nevertheless, it took until the 2007/ 08 season until he was able to show off in the Midlothian and brought it to at least 23 Season inserts plus six cup matches.

Before the season 2008/ 09 Gonçalves was awarded to the German second division club 1.FC Nürnberg. In the first round he was there to the key players in central defense until the season took an unfortunate course for him. An own goal in the game with St. Pauli, which the team could no longer compensate, followed by a red card just after half- time on the twelfth game day, after the team came out only a 0-0 draw against then bottom club FSV Frankfurt. This led to the red card Einwechselung the young player Dominic Maroh, the regulars was at first. On 15 Round Gonçalves came back to a late Einwechselung, and when he finally was back in the starting lineup on the last first round match day, he had already after six minutes after a tendon scribe again be replaced. In the second half he made it then also because of further injury no longer to play back in the reinforced recruits team, but he was one of the all season seen by far the most successful defense of the 2nd league. Mid-May 2009 it was announced that the FCN will not perceive the option to purchase Gonçalves and he returns to the end of the season back to Heart of Midlothian, where he still had a contract until 2010. As of 16 January 2011, he was at FC St. Gallen under contract. Because of the descent, he moved in July 2011 to FC Sion and remained there until late 2012.


José Gonçalves is both Portuguese and Swiss citizen. Although he grew up in Switzerland and lived, he decided to play in the youth of his country of birth. In March 2006 he became a citizen of Switzerland. He took part, among other things with the U -21 Portugal at the Junior World Championships in 2007 in the Netherlands and 2009 in Sweden.


  • Scottish Cup winner in 2006 with Heart of Midlothian
  • Scottish runner-up in 2006 with Heart of Midlothian