Josef Mattauch

Josef Mattauch ( born November 21, 1895 in Ostrava, † August 10 1976 in Klosterneuburg ) was a German physicist.


Josef Mattauch 1941 successor of Lise Meitner in the physical section of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Chemistry. After war -related relocation of the Institute of Berlin to Tailfingen for the years 1944 to 1949 and the reconstruction of the Institute than the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz, he was its director. He is one of the signatories of the " Göttingen Declaration ", which is to oppose the arming of West Germany with nuclear weapons.

One focus of his work was to study the isotopic abundance by mass spectrometry. In 1934 he exhibited at the Mattauchsche Isobarenregel.

Its THE SERVICE estate is located in the Archives of the Max Planck Society.


  • Austrian Decoration for Science and Art (1964 )
  • Wilhelm Exner Medal


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