Josep Pla

Josep Pla i Casadevall ( born March 8, 1897 in Palafrugell, † 23 April 1981 Llofriu ) was a Spanish Catalan journalist and writer.


Josep Pla worked as a journalist in France, Italy, England, Germany and Russia, where he wrote political and cultural chronicles.

His over a period of six decades entstandenem literary work has an essential role in the renewal of the Catalan language and the country -wide notice Catalan customs and traditions. His comments, chronicles and reports from the various countries of his work are considered unique historical witness of the 20th century

At the time of early Francoism ( until 1947 ), his works were banned in Catalan. More recent biographical research shows, however, that planning during the time of the Spanish Civil War was close to the national Spanish camp and gathered information for the Francoist news service.

Josep Pla is also 25 years after his death as one of the most widely read and most popular contemporary Catalan writers.

Works (selection)

  • El cuboids gris, Diary, 1918-1919
  • COSES vistes, 1925
  • Cartes de Lluny, travel stories, 1929
  • Viatge a Catalunya, travel stories, 1934
  • Rusinol y su tiempo, biographical portrait, 1941
  • El pintor Joaquín Mir, biographical portrait, 1944
  • El carrer Estret, 1951
  • L' Empordanet, 1954
  • Peix fregit, 1954
  • Catalunya vella, travel stories, 1965
  • Contraban i altres narracions, short stories, 1980
  • Homenots ( Enric Prat de la Riba, Pompeu Fabra, Antoni Gaudí, Isidre Nonell, Eugeni d' Ors, and others), biographical portraits, 1984/1987