Joseph Alcazar

Joseph Alcazar ( born June 15, 1911 in Oran, Algeria, † April 4, 1979 ) was a French football player.


The center forward, who grew up the son of a family of Spanish origin in the French in Algeria, completed 1931-1935 eleven games for the French national football team, where he scored two goals.

With the Football World Cup 1934 in Italy Alcazar belonged to the squad of Les Bleus. He was in the team that was defeated in the second round against Austria after extension with 2:3 and was eliminated from the tournament.

In 1935, the " Pepito " said striker with Olympique Marseille French Cup winner. For OM scoring 1932-1936 in 91 Premier League matches 65 matches, including Marseilles very first goal in this professional league; in this " debut season," he was also the third best scorer in Division 1