Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

The musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was written in 1968 by Andrew Lloyd Webber (music) and Tim Rice ( book, lyrics ). The best-known song is the title Any Dream Will Do / How seduced by the dream, which at the beginning of the piece ( sung by Joseph ) the flashback initiates in the real action and later as a duet between Joseph and the narrator introduces the grand finale.


The musical tells the biblical story of Joseph in Egypt, also known as Joseph the dreamer. This was a son of the patriarch Jacob and later advisor to the Egyptian pharaoh.

The narrator reports in front of a larger group of children (children's choir ) from a history of Canaan, which is presented from the viewpoint of children: Jacob's favorite son Joseph is sold by his brothers out of jealousy of the wealthy Potiphar. His wife tried to seduce the young man, which means that there is trouble in Potiphar's household: Joseph is thrown into prison. Thanks to its successful dream Deutens Joseph can save his skin by warning the "King" Pharaoh before a seven-year famine and Egypt leads as Minister of Economics through this difficult time. He meets his brothers again and forgives them.

Artistic design

Musically, there is a musical from a variety of parodies of different styles of music and tributes to famous musicians. So the title sounds a lot like Benjamin Calypso Harry Belafonte; Pharaoh sees Elvis Presley not only strikingly similar, but also sings his song of the King in his style; One More Angel in Heaven is a typical country ballad, Those Canaan Days sung with a Yiddish- French accent Chanson and The Brothers Come To Egypt a Cha -Cha -Cha, to name just a few examples.

They are distinguished by their tongue in cheek narration, rapid wit, many modern references and intelligent rhyme formations. Therefore, all translations of the play remain far behind the original version. This is evident from the fact that several international productions waive a translation of the title and the musical piece apply only as Joseph ( as well as the German version in food).


The musical took its world premiere as part of a school play London's Colet Court School on March 1, 1968. Due to the positive response, several other performances took place among others in Saint Paul 's Cathedral in the same year. In early 1969, a recording was released, which is now published on CD.

In 1973, the musical result of the great success of the Webber / Rice - work of Jesus Christ Superstar was also staged at the Albery Theatre in London's West End. Followed in 1980 by the German premiere of the English original by the musical group of the Goethe School Wetzlar. In 1982 the Broadway premiere at the Royale Theater.

As a result, the musical was always more than popular children's musical, which was performed at schools around the world. Andrew Lloyd Webber was so unhappy with this development is that it 1991, a revised version of the measure of all things in palladium (West End, London ) produced ( with Jason Donovan in the role of Joseph ). This version was shown in the following years including in Los Angeles, on Broadway, in Toronto, as a touring production, in Vienna and in food. In 1999, an ajar to these productions musical adaptation: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (film).

In the years 2003-2005 there was a second West End revival, as a long-time touring production at the New London Theatre settled. This time acquired Stephen Gately of Boyzone in the title role.

The Tecklenburg's outdoor theater will show the musical June to August 2014.

Title list

  • Prologue
  • How seduced by the dream
  • Jacob & Co / Joseph dress
  • Joseph's dreams
  • Poor Joseph
  • An angel more floats in the sky
  • Hoedown
  • Potiphar
  • Complete each door
  • Go, go, go Joseph
  • Pharaoh Story
  • Poor Pharaoh
  • The song of the "King" ( Seven Fat Cows )
  • Interpreted Pharaoh's dream
  • Animal House
  • In Canaan once
  • The brothers come to Egypt / Einschleim, Einschleim
  • Well, who was it?
  • Benjamin Calypso
  • Joseph now as once
  • Jacob in Egypt
  • Final: How seduced / Give me my dress dreamers of the dream
  • Joseph Megamix