Joseph Duval

Joseph Marie Louis Duval ( born October 11, 1928 in Chênex, Haute -Savoie, France, † 23 May, 2009 Saint- Jorioz, Haute -Savoie, France) was a Roman Catholic Archbishop of Rouen. Léon- Etienne Cardinal Duval, the former Archbishop of Algiers, was his uncle.


Joseph Duval attended school in La Roche- sur -Foron (Haute -Savoie ) ( Collège Sainte- Marie) and studied at the Faculty of Law of Paris and at the Seminary of Annecy. At the Pontifical Gregorian University, he received his doctorate in canon law and rights. He received on 8 June 1952, the ordination to the priesthood for the Diocese of Annecy. After a short time as vicar of the parish of Saint- Maurice d' Annecy (1957-1958), he was professor of Canon Law (1958-1963) and Professor of Moral Theology (1963-1971) at the Seminary of Annecy. From 1971 to 1974 he was Episcopal Vicar.

On 14 May 1974 he was by Pope Paul VI. appointed Titular Bishop of Cannae and auxiliary bishop in the Archdiocese of Rennes. He received his episcopal consecration on 1 August of the same year the Archbishop of Rennes, Paul Cardinal Gouyon ( 1910-2000 ); Co-consecrators were Jean -Baptiste Sauvage (1908-1991), Bishop of Annecy, and Raymond Joseph Louis Bouchex, Auxiliary Bishop of Aix. In 1978 he was appointed Coadjutor Archbishop of Rouen. Pope John Paul II appointed him in 1981 as Archbishop of Rouen.

Joseph Duval was president of the Episcopal Commission for Christian Unity (1984-1987), Vice President (1987-1990) and president of the French Episcopal Conference (1990-1996 ). In Duval's tenure as chairman of the impeachment of the Bishop of Evreux, Jacques Gaillot fell, after he had advocated the use of condoms as well as in favor of homosexuals, the marriage of priests and the ordination of women. Duval had been in vain, in Rome against the impeachment.

Pope John Paul II adopted on 16 October 2003 to the age-related resignation of Duval by the Office of the Archbishop of Rouen. Until 18 November 2003, he was nevertheless Apostolic Administrator of the diocese.