Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Joseph Leo Mankiewicz ( born February 11, 1909 in Wilkes -Barre, Pennsylvania, USA, † February 5, 1993 in Bedford, New York, United States) was an American film director.


Joseph Mankiewicz was the youngest child of the Berlin-born German - Jewish immigrant Franz Mankiewicz, editor of a German newspaper in Wilkes -Barre, and his wife Johanna Blumenau. He began his film career at the end of the silent era, first as a translator of intertitles of UFA films for the U.S. market.

For Paramount Pictures, he wrote at the beginning of the sound era dialogues and later complete screenplays. Work in the Writing Workshop awakened in him the desire to realize his own screenplays as a director. Therefore Mankiewicz Paramount Pictures left and signed a contract with Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer. However, the MGM boss Louis B. Mayer was of the opinion that Mankiewicz the movie business came to know of the side of the producers first before he could direct. After a dispute with Louis B. Mayer Mankiewicz moved to Twentieth Century Fox. Due to a disease of the Ernst Lubitsch originally commissioned as a director, Mankiewicz received in 1946 the first opportunity at White Oleander to direct. After he was in 1931 nominated as a screenwriter for the film Skippy and 1941 as a producer for the film The night before the wedding in the Best Picture Oscar, his great career began only now: 1950 and 1951 he dominated the Oscar ceremony with A letter to Three Wives and All About Eve ( six Oscars and eight other nominations ). He was the only screenwriter in Hollywood, who won the Oscar in two consecutive years in 1951 and nominated for yet another was (writer for No Way Out). In the later years, especially in 1963 resulting complex Cleopatra film excited with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton stir. The private lives of the main characters and the rising budget film made ​​for a lively interest of the mass media.

Joseph L. Mankiewicz was married three times, including from 1939 until her death in 1958 with the Austrian actress Rose Stradner, and father of three children. He died in 1993 of heart failure.

Mankiewiczs brother Herman J. Mankiewicz was, inter alia, Screenwriter for Orson Welles film Citizen Kane, his sister Erna Mankiewicz was the wife of New York surgeon Joseph Benjamin Stenbuck and died 1979 in Villach / Austria. His son, Tom Mankiewicz was a screenwriter.