Joseph Muscat

Joseph Muscat ( born January 22, 1974 in Pietà, Malta) is a Maltese politician and leader of the Social Democratic Malta Labour Party (MLP ). Since March 11, 2013 he is Prime Minister of Malta.


Muscat to 1996 studied economics and political science at the University of Malta, where he subsequently completed a Masters in European Studies. In 2007 he received his PhD in Management Sciences from the University of Bristol.

Muscat worked as a journalist at the Super One Radio, the radio station of the Malta Labour Party, as well as the party 's own TV station Super One TV, its deputy news editor, he was in 1996. 2001 to 2004 he was editor of the party own Internet newspaper.

Political career

Muscat was a member of the Labour Youth Forum, the youth organization of the Malta Labour Party, the Financial Secretary ( 1994-97 ) and Executive Chairman (1997) he was. Later he was in the MLP itself Secretary of Education ( 2001-03 ) and led the party congress in 2003. During the reign phase of MLP 1996-98 he was a member of the National Commission on tax morale.

In 2003 he was appointed as a member of a working group to MLP 's policy towards the European Union, which - after the party had just been promoted to the referendum on the planned EU accession for a No - developed a more friendly policy towards the EU institutions. In November of this year, Muscat was set up as a candidate of the MLP for the 2004 European elections, the first, took part in the Malta.

2004 Muscat was elected with 36,958 votes as one of five Maltese MEPs to the European Parliament and was the most chosen candidate of his party. In Parliament he was a member of the Group of the Party of European Socialists and was Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs.

After the defeat of the MLP in the Maltese parliamentary elections in March 2008 and the resignation of party leader Alfred Sant Muscat was elected on 6 June 2008 to his successor. Then he retired on 25 September 2008 of the European Parliament, to nachzurücken on October 1 instead of Joseph Cuschieri the Maltese House of Representatives and there to take on the role of opposition leader. Muscat's successor as an MEP was Glenn Bedingfield.

Joseph Muscat won a majority in the parliamentary elections on 9 March 2013. He is the second youngest Prime Minister in the history of Malta and the youngest since the end of British colonial rule over Malta in 1964.


Muscat is married and has twin daughters.