Joseph Orbeli

Joseph Orbeli (born 8 Märzjul / March 20 1887greg in Kutaisi, Georgia, .. † February 2nd 1961 in Leningrad) was an Armenian orientalist and director of the Art Museum Hermitage 1934 until 1951.

The son of old noble family grew up with his older brother Leon Orbeli on in Saint Petersburg. In 1914 he became a university professor. Orbeli mainly dealt with the history of the South Caucasus in the Middle Ages and undertook excavations at Ani and Bagaran. Along with Nikolai Marr he undertook excavations in Toprakkale at Van. As director of the Hermitage he built from the Oriental collections and headed the art museum through the difficult period of Stalinism. Orbeli founded the Armenian Academy of Sciences and was its first president. In the Nuremberg trial, he appeared as a witness for the destruction of the palaces around Leningrad ( Catherine Palace in Pushkin, Peterhof ) on the 65th day.


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