Joseph P. Kerwin

Joseph Peter Kerwin ( born February 19, 1932 in Oak Park, Illinois, USA ) is a former American astronaut.

Kerwin attended until 1949, the Fenwick High School in Oak Park ( Illinois). In 1953 he received a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester (Massachusetts ). In 1957 he received his doctorate in medicine at the Medical School of Northwestern University in Chicago ( Illinois). He completed his internship at the District of Columbia General Hospital in Washington DC and came in 1958 to the U.S. Navy School of Aviation Medicine in Pensacola (Florida ), where he was trained as a flight surgeon.

Astronauts activity

In June 1965, Kerwin was selected by NASA as a science astronaut. Kerwin was used as science pilot for the Skylab 2 mission, which started on 25 May 1973, came to an end on 22 June 1973. With it flew Commander Charles Conrad and Paul Weitz pilot for Skylab space station. In this 28- day mission, the Skylab was first put into operation.

He worked for NASA until 1987 and then went to Lockheed.

According to the NASA

In the Lockheed Missiles & Space Company, he was Chief Scientist of the Space Station program. He then worked for United Space Alliance. Since 1997 he has been President of KRUG Life Sciences, Houston, Texas.


Joseph Kerwin and his wife Shirley have three daughters and five grandchildren.