Joseph P. Newsham

Joseph Parkinson Newsham ( born May 24, 1837 in Preston, England; † October 22, 1919 in St. Francisville, Louisiana ) was an American politician. Between 1868 and 1871 he represented two times the state of Louisiana in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Already in 1839 came Joseph Newsham with his parents to the United States, where the family settled in Monroe County in Illinois. After primary school Newsham worked for two years for a trading company. After a subsequent study of law and its made ​​in 1860 admitted to the bar he began in Edwardsville to work in his new profession. During the Civil War he served until being wounded on 4 July 1864 in the Army of the Union. In 1864 he moved to Donald Ville in the then Union troops occupy the state of Louisiana. There he became usher at the District Court in Ascension Parish. After he was admitted in 1865 in Louisiana as a lawyer, he began practicing in Donald Ville. Two years later he moved to St. Francisville.

Politically Newsham was a member of the Republican Party. During 1867 and 1868 he was a delegate at meetings to revise the Constitution of Louisiana. After the resumption of the State into the Union, he was the third electoral district of Louisiana in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington DC chosen, where he took up his new mandate on 18 July 1868. Until March 3, 1869 he ended the current legislative session in Congress. In 1869, Newsham founded the newspaper " Feliciana Republican " and in 1870 he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives again after an election challenge in the fourth district of Louisiana. There he finished between May 1870 and March 3, 1871, the current legislative period 23. In 1870 he gave up another candidacy.

In the following years until 1913 Joseph Newsham worked as a planter and merchant in St. Francisville. Then he withdrew into retirement. He died on 22 October 1919.