Joseph Pevney

Joseph Pevney ( born September 15, 1911 in New York City; † 18 May, 2008 Palm Desert, California ) was an American film director, actor, film producer and screenwriter.


Joseph Pevney began his work in show business in 1924 as a boy soprano. In the 1930s and 1940s, he was an actor on Broadway and starred in plays such as Battle Hymn, The World We Make, Native Son and Home of the Brave. After military service in World War II, he went to Hollywood and played 1946-1950 in several film noir, including Robert Rossens chasing million ( Body and Soul, 1947), which was nominated in three categories for the Oscar and him in the category "Best film editing " won, William Keighleys street with no name ( The Street with No name, 1948) and Jules Dassin's danger in Frisco ( Thieves ' Highway, 1949).

He then moved into directing and turned to 1961, more than 30 feature films, including the horror film Behind the walls of horror ( The Strange Door) with Charles Laughton and Boris Karloff, comedies such as The Circus of the three arenas (3 Ring Circus, 1953, with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis) and Tammy ( Tammy and the Bachelor, 1957) and the Lon Chaney biopic man with 1000 faces ( man of a Thousand faces, 1957).

From 1961 Pevney worked almost exclusively as a television director. He turned episodes of numerous television series, including Wagon Train, Bewitched ( Bewitched ), The Munsters, The Fugitive ( The Fugitive ), Laredo, Cobra, you ( Mission: Impossible ), Marcus Welby, MD, The people of the Shiloh ( The Virginian ), Adam -12, Bonanza, Fantasy Iceland, The Incredible Hulk ( The Incredible Hulk ), The Rockford Files - Just call ( The Rockford Files ), little House ( little House on the Prairie) and Trapper John, MD.

But he obtained with his work for the series Star Trek (Star Trek), for their 1st and 2nd season he turned 14 episodes Special celebrity. Some of the shot by Pevney consequences are the most popular and most successful of the series, including the Edge of Forever ( The City on the Edge of Forever ), which won the WGA Award, Amok ( Amok Time), The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Wolf in the Fold ), The Trouble with Tribbles? ( The Trouble with Tribbles ) and Journey to Babel ( Journey to Babel).

1985 Pevney retired and moved to Palm Desert, where he died in 2008 a few years later.

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