Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company

The Joseph slot Brewing Company is a former American brewery in Milwaukee. From the beginning of the 20th century until the 1950s, the product flagship slot was one of the best-selling beers in the world.



A native of Mainz Joseph slot worked as an accountant for the brewpub also the German -born August Krug. After the death of Krug in 1856 slot took over the management of the brewery. Two years later he married Krug's widow and changed the name of the brewery to Joseph slot Chesnut Brewery. New accountant was the nephew Krug, August Uihlein. Later slot hired also Uihleins brothers Henry, Alfred and Edward. The brewery came almost twenty years later to national prominence when to slot to decided after the fire disaster of Chicago, the city to donate several hundred barrels of beer. This brought the slot brewery 's reputation as " The Beer did made ​​Milwaukee famous" ( " The beer that has made Milwaukee famous " ) a.

In subsequent years, several slot built brewery tied pubs and the company's turnover increased by more than 50%. An offer of Bratton and Sons leaned slot from the year 1873. 1874 the well-known company name Joseph slot Brewing Company has been selected.

Joseph slot laid down in his will that the company the additional name " Joseph slot " should not be placed. In addition, August Uihlein should be used as his successor. Joseph slot died in the sinking of the passenger steamer " Schiller" in 1875. Upon the death of his wife Anna Maria Krug slot in 1887 the Uihlein brothers bought the company on.

Growth and leadership

In 1902 the brewery was slit with an output of one million barrels of beer, the largest brewery in the world. The characteristic brown bottle was introduced in 1912. At the time of Prohibition, the company name was changed to Joseph slot Beverage Company. Instead of beer put slot different soft drinks, such as slot ginger ale ago.

The family worked alongside the beverage industry and in transportation, finance and real estate. After 1934 slot was again the most successful brewery in the world. In 1953, the company was first obtained by Anheuser -Busch. This was due to a 76- day strike, which lowered the production considerably. Only with the introduction of the brand Old Milwaukee slot could make its market leadership again. Until the late 70s were slit and Anheuser -Busch competitors for market leadership. Opened in 1971, the first slot filling system for aluminum cans - the first of its time.

Decline and sale

The manufacturing process of the popular slot was changed by the constant pressure to reduce costs. Not only the brewing process itself, but also ingredients were changed in several experiments such that taste and shelf life of beer deteriorated.

Another strike in 1981, at which participated about 700 workers, finally took care of the from the company. Both the Pabst Brewing Company and G. Heileman Brewing Company which attempted to annex slot, which was banned by the U.S. Department of Justice. Slot was eventually sold to the straw Brewery Company of Detroit. The once popular brand lost in subsequent years gradually more market share.

The grounds of the slot Brewery was converted into a mixture of residential and commercial area, the slit Park.

Revival of the brand by Pabst

In 1999, straw Brewery Company was bought out by Pabst Brewing Company, which set themselves the goal to revive the old brand. Since the original recipe was lost during the experimental phase, Pabst had to run time-consuming inquiries to restore the flavor of the old slot. By incorporating of product testers and former brewmaster finally managed to reconstruct the recipe for beer slot.

In 2008, the reintroduction of a large-scale television campaign began. One of the first sales regions included Chicago, Florida, Boston, Minneapolis -Saint Paul and Milwaukee. In keeping with the marketing as a classic beer of the 1960s was the former Playmate of the Year 1968 Cynthia Myers, hired spokesperson for the company.


  • The following facetious poem, which originated around the turn of the century, included the names of the then most successful American breweries: "A young lady by the name of Anheiser, Who said no man Could surprise ago But PABST Took a chance, Found the SLOT in her pants, And now she is sadder, BUDWEISER. "
  • In May 1968, Jerry Lee Lewis sang the song "What 's Made Milwaukee Famous ( Has Made a Loser Out of Me ) ", in reference to slot beer.