Joseph Segar

Joseph Eggleston Segar ( born June 1, 1804 King William County, Virginia; † April 30, 1880 at sea ) was an American politician. In the years 1862 and 1863, he represented the state of Virginia in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Joseph Segar attended the public schools of his home. After a subsequent study of law and qualifying as a lawyer, he began to work in this profession. At the same time he embarked on a political career. In his home, he held several local offices. In the years 1836-1838, 1848-1852 and 1855-1861 he sat in the House of Representatives from Virginia. Politically, he was a Unionist an opponent of secession of the State of Virginia from the Union.

On 24 October 1861 he was of pro-Union citizens in Virginia for the first seat of his government in the Congress in Washington DC selected. He was initially rejected. After having re- election, he was nevertheless admitted on March 15, 1862 in Congress, where he finished the current legislative period to March 3, 1863. This period was marked by civil war. Segar was elected as a Unionist to Congress in 1862, but there definitely is no longer allowed because his home state of Virginia opposed the Union. In February 1865 he was elected to the U.S. Senate and there is also rejected for the same reasons.

Meanwhile, Joseph Segar had joined the Republican Party. In 1868 he was again elected to Congress, and there not be re-admitted because the number of mandates of Virginia had been reduced in favor of the newly formed state of West Virginia. In 1876 he applied unsuccessfully for a place in the U.S. House of Representatives. Between 1877 and 1880 Segar was a member of the Spanish Claims Commission. He died on 30 April 1880, a steamboat on the way from Norfolk to Washington.